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FAITHFUL PAWS PET THERAPY PROGRAM makes scheduled monthly visits to many facilities in and around Houston, Texas. We were founded in June of 1997 and are sponsored by Bellaire United Methodist Church. We currently have over 300 certified human-pet teams and visit about 120 facilities in 55 zip codes.
PURPOSE:  A team of organized volunteers involving the incorporation of trained animals specifically designed to administer unconditional love and therapy to adults and children in nursing homes or hospitals and to share the joy and furry love of our pets with the people we visit.

OBJECTIVES:  Animal assisted therapy is a scientifically proven form of therapy that is recognized as therapeutic and recreational.

BE SURE you will commit to visiting at least once a month, starting as soon as your pet gets certified with us.
BE SURE you have completely read and agree to follow our Rules and the General Information pages on this web site.
Be sure and CONTACT US FIRST (last page on this web site) for mailing information for your application paperwork. Read all the information on all the pages on this web site. There is normally a waiting list for our classes.

          We are all volunteers, and are sponsored by the Bellaire United Methodist Church in Bellaire, Texas (in the middle of Houston, Texas). 
Our Director (Founder and Instructor) holds classes from 7:30 pm until about 8:30 every Tuesday evening except in December and January. Classes include some basic obedience and a lot of practice at socialization with people and other pets, and practice with things the pets may face on a visit to a facility.
         Most of our certified pets are dogs, but we also welcome cats and rabbits. We do not use reptiles or exotic animals. Dogs must pass the CGC (Canine Good Citizen - see list of skills on "contact us" page) test and/or Temperament test. These tests are authorized and administered through the AKC (American Kennel Club). Cats and rabbits must pass Temperament testing. Pets must be current on all vaccinations and there is a form to have your vet complete. Many of our owners have more than one pet. Some facilities will allow us to bring more than one pet on a visit, but we do not allow more than two pets per member on a visit.

There is no start or end date for classes. Newcomers are added to class all during the year, as openings are available. Contact us before coming to a class, because there is a waiting list, and new pets are added in the order in which we receive their completed paperwork. When you contact us, include your name and phone number, and pet’s name and breed. Classes are ongoing, and pets are sent to our AKC evaluator for testing for certification as each pet is ready. Some pets may take only a few classes, and some may take many months of training before they are ready to be certified. Pets may begin our classes at any age after getting their rabies vaccinations, but must be at least 6 months old to become certified. Humans can be any age, but youth handlers are limited in the facilities they are allowed to visit and those under 18 must always be accompanied by a parent.


Our group has arrangements with over 100 facilities that our certified teams visit – hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, etc. Members are required to visit at least monthly. More is better. Each facility has a team leader who coordinates the requirements for that facility. Some facilities require a TB test, Flu shot, and/or background check; some require special attire; some require additional training or orientation. We require all members to follow HIPAA confidentiality laws. Visits are done as a group on a set schedule with the team leader and only to pre-arranged facilities. We do not ever visit in individual homes, or as part of any job or business. We do not visit facilities that already receive pet visits. We do not train service animals. We do not use current service animals. Therapy pets are not service animals and get no special privileges.


Our therapy teams truly enjoy every visit, and our pets bring so much joy to the residents of these facilities. If this sounds like something you might enjoy doing with your pet, and you will commit your time to visits at our cooperating facilities after being certified, we would love to have you contact us. Be sure you have read our whole web site, then print out all the information and forms and send us your contact information. Thank you for your interest.

Connie directs Peaches over an Agility jump
Members visiting at Clarewood

Methodist Hospital Team

Faithful Paws visit St. Dominic's Nursing Home

   *  By stroking an animal, the patient's blood pressure and heart rates are reduced.

   *  Animals give unconditional love

   *  Planned animal visits give patients something to look forward to

   *  Animals with tricks are a form of entertainment